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for Seekers and Disciples
Our Master, Messiah and King...



My Dearest Brothers and Sisters; Seekers of the Truth,

The Letters of Faith and Righteousness are currently under reconstruction, and will be offline for awhile.  I am posting this "Under Reconstruction" notice here though, because I want you to know precisely what is happening, and how these events are impacting this website and our ministry.

In 2002, I was given a glimpse of something rather remarkable in relationship to the Common Version of the Bible that is available to us today (no matter which interpretation you are reading: NASB, NIV, KJ, NKJ, Revised, etc...).  Simply put, the name/title, "The LORD", that we read throughout those interpretations, as well as other words and names, have been changed from the ancient Hebrew, either because the true interpretation was unavailable, and therefore the truth was unknown, or because the data was deliberately changed (perhaps many thousands of years ago) to protect the Exalted Name of the Most High!  Ever since 2002, however, I have been searching for the fullness of HIS NAME. In 2008 I edited The Letters of Faith and Righteousness, fully believing that I had found the answer to my quest. While my conclusions were close, they were not exact - and being faithful to my Master, Messiah and King, I have pulled The Letters of Faith and Righteousness from the internet.  That is the temporary bad news...  But wait until you hear the good news!

Our Father in Heaven has allowed me to discover the truth and fullness of His Exalted Name, and I need time to repair this website, so that it fully reveals what He has allowed me to learn, and so that we can fully exalt our Beloved!  Even more significantly, however, is the fact that I have been laboring on a New Bible Translation, entitled:  

The Exalted Name Bible

While the full text of The Exalted Name Bible is currently incomplete, I am posting an introduction page at that site to explain in greater detail the fullness of the revelations we have uncovered, as well as to begin introducing the text - as it becomes available.  You will be surprised to see just how much is done though!

Nevertheless, please say a prayer about this matter (If you will, seeking wisdom, knowledge and understanding), then grab a hot cup of coffee or tea, settle back, and click on the link above, for an extremely interesting, revealing and exciting read.  And then, prepare your heart to read the fullness of Scripture as you have never before seen it presented.  Also, prepare your heart to be impacted by HIS PRESENCE in ways you have never before realized.  Truly, our Master, Messiah and King does abide in His Word - in power, and glory, and majesty, and might...

In the interim, I will be dedicating all of my available time to the task at hand, which is completing The Exalted Name Bible. While "The Letters of Faith and Righteousness" are very near and dear to me, they are considerably lower in priority than the fullness of Scripture.  I will return to the labors of this ministry as soon as my primary task, completing  The Exalted Name Bible, is finished, and when they are posted again, they will reflect that fullness of Scripture!

Please pray for us.
Please pray that HE continues to guide us in the work we are striving to complete.
And please know that our ministry has never really changed.  We are dedicated to providing the Truthful Revelation of our Master, Messiah and King in every way possible.  May HE forevermore be glorified and magnified as we endeavor to do just that.

I remain faithfully and humbly your servant,

larry t. vosen

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